Lily - Mae is gaining confidence in areas she found initially tricky. Everything is explained to Lily - Mae in a way that she understands. Lily - Mae enjoys learning with Lydia and has fun!

More Testimonials

He was a lot happier taking the exam with your help and support, hopefully he did well, but just taking it is a miracle!

E - Parent

He became more confident in English Literature, in particular the texts he struggled with. It meant he had a quality hour of English where his specific needs were focused on

M - Parent

It improved his confidence and taught him how to structure answers to exam questions.

A - Parent

It gave her the chance to consolidate what she was learning at school, work on areas she needed extra help with and really improved her confidence ahead of her SATs.

B - Parent

All is super great 🙂


He seems to get on well with you and the one to one aspect of private tutoring.


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